Advanced CALM


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Helps maintain composure in anxious pets without causing drowsiness or personality changes. Gets your pet back to enjoying life, safely and without side effects.

Great for short or long-term use. Use daily to support a calm temperament, or use only when needed ahead of stressful situations (such as grooming, car rides or parties).

Highly palatable for even the fussiest eater!

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Much like humans, dogs and cats can experience stress and anxiousness which can impact quality of life and well-being if left unsupported.  In dogs this may be seen as hiding, trembling, drooling, excessive vocalization or destructive behavior.  Whereas cats may hide, show aggression, or urinate and defecate inappropriately. 


Fortunately science has come a long way in helping pets deal with day to day stressors without resulting in drowsiness, personality changes or leading to side effects.  Advanced CALM is a non-prescription veterinary health product to help pets maintain their composure and get back to enjoying life.  It can be used safely for short-term or long-term support as needed.

Shake well before each use. Measure the amount into a spoon or other dispensing device before giving to pet to avoid contaminating bottle contents. Can be given as a tasty treat or mixed with food.  Can be given on a full or empty stomach.


To support an everyday calm temperament:

Give this amount two times per day, at least 4 hours apart:

Pet's Weight *≤ 10 kg10-20 kg> 20 kg
Amount1.25 mL 2.5 mL5 mL
* 1 kg = 2.2 lbs


To provide extra support ahead of stressful events:

Give this amount one hour before the stressful event (lasts about 4 hours):

Pet's Weight *≤ 10 kg10-20 kg> 20 kg
Amount2.5 mL5 mL10 mL
* 1 kg = 2.2 lbs


Pro Tips:

1. For maximum palatability, store at room temperature, even after opening.  

2. To avoid contaminating bottle contents, always pour without touching the opening to another surface.

When using for daily behaviour support:

 Pet's Weight120mL Bottle240mL Bottle
≤ 10 kgabout 2 monthsabout 4 months
10-20 kgabout 1 monthabout 2 months
> 20 kg about 2 weeksabout 1 month


When using only for stressful events:

 Pet's Weight120mL Bottle240mL Bottle
≤ 10 kgabout 50 dosesabout 100 doses
10-20 kgabout 25 dosesabout 50 doses
> 20 kgabout 12 dosesabout 24 doses