Hepato Support


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Comprehensive formulation to help promote healthy liver function. Features a premium, highly purified standardized source of silymarin and silybin A+B (milk thistle), complexed with anti-oxidants and a full suite of B vitamins.

Available in a capsule and simulated chicken or bacon flavoured liquid format. Check "More Information" to learn how Hepato Support is different from other liver supplements!

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Your pet will be happy that, unlike other liver supplements, Hepato Support can and should be given with food. No more setting timers, waking up early or staying up late to give your pet its liver supplement. 

Both the chicken and bacon flavouring found in Liquid Hepato Support are natural but simulated. They contain no animal proteins making them allergy friendly.


Upon advice from your veterinarian, Hepato Support can safely be administered to cats following the labelled dose.


Pro Tip: Capsules can be opened, contents are not bitter and mix well with wet food or watered down kibble.

Hepato Support Capsules:  Give required amount orally with meals, twice daily.


Pet's Weight

 ≤ 11kg 




> 22kg 


Amount1 capsule2 capsules3 capsules


Liquid Hepato:  Shake well before use. Give required amount orally, twice daily.


Pet's Weight

≤ 11kg






> 33kg


Amount1 mL2 mL3 mL4 mL


Hepato Support Capsules:


Pet's Weight 90 Caps180 Caps
≤ 25lbs45 days90 days
25-50lbs22 days45 days
> 50lbs15 days30 days


Liquid Hepato:


Pet's Weight 120 mL
≤ 25lbs60 days
25 - 50lbs30 days
50 - 75lbs20 days
> 75lbs15 days