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Fast-acting support for gastrointestinal (GI) upset. All-in-one formula of prebiotics, probiotics, digestive enzymes, adsorptive clay and other specialized ingredients to support digestive function and improve stool quality.

Choose Advanced GI Paste when short-term speed of action matters most. Boosted with accelerator ingredients and designed to be given directly into pet's mouth to work fast in urgent situations. Once things are under control, switch to powder for ongoing support.

Choose Advanced GI Powder when long-term daily support is needed. Enhanced with protectant ingredients for pets with chronic conditions, indiscriminate eaters or those sensitive to their diets.

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Advanced GI is a veterinary health product designed for pets with chronic GI conditions, for indiscriminate eaters, or for those sensitive to their diets. It works quickly to help normalize digestion, support healthy gut function and improve stool quality. Use the paste to help get things back on track, and switch to powder thereafter for daily support.


Please note that Advanced GI is not a prescription medication or antibiotic. If your pet has ingested a toxin, has bloody stool or is otherwise experiencing a medical issue, we recommend contacting your veterinarian immediately.


Advanced GI is a premium product. It is veterinary formulated in collaboration with a board certified animal nutritionist, selecting best-in-class ingredients with purpose in mind. 


Here’s why it works so well:



Prebiotics do many incredible things. They pass through the GI tract selectively stimulating the growth and activity of beneficial gut bacteria. Prebiotics also convert to postbiotics which support healthy digestion and help to strengthen the immune system. And within the colon, prebiotics support normal fermentation processes, contributing to overall stool quality. With so much to offer, prebiotics have become an exciting area of emerging research. And when it comes to prebiotics, Advanced GI stands apart from the crowd. It includes several types of premium prebiotics, and it includes these prebiotics in ample volumes. Whether it’s the paste or the powder, a single dose of Advanced GI delivers a lot of support because it doesn’t skimp on beneficial ingredients!



Probiotics are beneficial microorganisms that support digestion and overall gut health while also helping to crowd out the non-beneficial microorganisms. However when it comes to probiotics, more is not necessarily better. The right amount of probiotics helps to restore balance without overwhelming, and the right mix of probiotics enables a targeted approach. Advanced GI is formulated with a deep understanding of how much, and what types of probiotics are required to do the job well and quickly.


Adsorptive Clay

Clays are useful for binding and removing unwanted elements from the intestine, such as pathogens and toxins. Removing these elements helps to protect the intestinal lining and achieve normalized digestion. Clays can also help to secure excess water during episodes of diarrhea. But not all clays are created equal. Attapulgite clay is unique with respect to its surface properties and structure, allowing a small amount to do a big job. Thanks to its surface chemistry it binds well with harmful elements, helping to sweep them out of the intestine. And thanks to its tubular structure it traps excess water in a way that helps to stabilize stool quality, whereas other clays have a layered structure that swells like a muddy mass. Advanced GI Paste is designed to deliver more Attapulgite when it is needed most, while Advanced GI Powder delivers a lower daily amount for routine support.


Digestive Enzymes

Poor digestion puts stress on the entire GI tract and can result in malabsorption of nutrients, bacterial overgrowth and a cascade of more severe consequences. The digestive enzymes in Advanced GI are naturally stable, which means they can help with digestion in both the stomach and the intestine and are not limited to where they can help.


B Vitamins

B vitamins play several supporting roles that collectively contribute to more rapid action of Advanced GI. Whether it is supporting the growth of beneficial bacteria, or helping the gut to convert nutrients into energy, the collective actions of B vitamins help accelerate results. B vitamins are available only in the paste format of Advanced GI which is the ideal choice in acute situations when speed matters most.


N-acetyl Glucosamine

N-acetyl Glucosamine is a core component of the intestinal lining which protects the gut cells from enzymes, acids and bacterial toxins while allowing the selective absorption of nutrients. Supporting a healthy intestinal lining is a front line defense for maintaining long term proper digestive function. N-acetyl Glucosamine is available only in the powder format of Advanced GI which is the ideal choice for ongoing long term digestive support.

Advanced GI Paste:  

Administer orally, 1 dose every 6-8 hours up to three times in a 24 hour period. Comes in a convenient dial-a-dose tube for ease of administration directly into pet's mouth.


Pet's Weight1 Dose (paste)
< 5 kg (11 lbs)3 mL
5-10 kg (11-22 lbs)5 mL
10-15 kg (22-33 lbs)10 mL
15-25 kg (33-55 lbs)15 mL
> 25 kg (55 lbs)20 mL


Advanced GI Powder:  

Use the scoop provided to measure the dose. Highly palatable, to be sprinkled over dry food or easily mixed with wet food.  Or can be mixed with water and used as a gravy topper on dry food.


  • For Routine Daily Support (maintenance dose) - Give one dose with food, once daily. 
  • For Extra Suppport as Required - Double the dose per serving and give twice daily.


Pet's Weight1 Dose (powder)
< 5 kg (11 lbs)1/2 scoop
5-10 kg (11-22 lbs)1 scoop
10-15 kg (22-33 lbs)2 scoops
15-25 kg (33-55 lbs)3 scoops
> 25 kg (55 lbs)4 scoops

Advanced GI Oral Paste:


Available in 3 sizes -

  15 mL tube - best choice for cats and small dogs

  35 mL tube - best choice for medium dogs

  60 mL tube - best choice for large dogs


Or refer to the table below for number of doses based on your pet's weight.

Pet's Weight15 mL Tube35 mL Tube60 mL Tube
< 11 lbs5 doses11 doses20 doses
11-22 lbs3 doses7 doses12 doses
22-33 lbs-3.5 doses6 doses
33-55 lbs--4 doses
> 55 lbs--3 doses


Advanced GI Powder:

The table below is based on the daily maintenance dose.

Pet's Weight180g Jar Lasts
< 11 lbs180 days
11-22 lbs90 days
22-33 lbs45 days
33-55 lbs30 days
> 55 lbs22 days