Amino B-Plex


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Did you know? Most animals over the age of 6 are vitamin B and amino acid deficient. Amino B-Plex helps your pet live each day to its fullest. Its unique blend of B vitamins, amino acids, spirulina and iron helps support vitality and a healthy appetite in senior and/or chronically ill dogs and cats.

This low iodine (thyroid friendly) bacon flavoured formula is highly palatable and is easy to administer in even the pickiest of eaters.

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The flavouring found in Amino B-Plex is natural but simulated therefore it contains no animal proteins making it allergy friendly.


Pro Tip: Have a smaller animal? Grab the 60mL or 120mL bottle which includes a graduated dropper for accurate dosing.


For Cats:  Shake well before use. Give required amount orally, twice daily.


Amount1 mL, twice daily


For Dogs:  Shake well before use. Give required amount orally, twice daily.


Pet's Weight

< 2.5kg






> 18kg


Amount0.5 mL1 mL2 mL3 mL
 Pet's Weight60 mL120 mL236 mL
< 5lbs60 days120 days-
5-20lbs30 days60 days-
20-40lbs15 days30 days59 days
> 40lbs-20 days39 days