Feline Minerals


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Macro and micro-mineral supplementation that provides a source of calcium and L-taurine which are essential for cats that are fed raw diet or home cooked meals. Can be paired with Rx Essentials for additional vitamin and nutrient support.
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Helps support breeding cats during queening and lactation. Tasteless powder can easily be mixed with wet or dry food.

Give required amount daily with meals:


Pet's WeightAmount
< 2.5kg (5lbs)0.5 scoop
2.5-5kg (5-11lbs)1 scoop
5-9kg (11-20lbs)1.5 scoops
9-12kg (20-26lbs)2 scoops
 Pet's Weight227g
< 5lbs320 days
5 - 11lbs160 days
11 - 20lbs107 days
20 - 26lbs80 days