Immuno Support


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Helps support immune system function, particularly with upper respiratory conditions, feline herpes viral infections or use prophylactically for your pet's boarding stays. Features larch arabinogalactan in combination with other key ingredients.

Available in simulated chicken or bacon flavoured liquid format or in capsules.

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The palatable liquid format is a great option for cats since it includes 250mg of L-lysine and Reishi mushroom which are essential when supporting your Herpes, FIV or upper respiratory kitty. All bottles include a graduated dropper for accurate dosing.

The flavouring found in Liquid Immuno Support are natural but simulated therefore they contain no animal proteins making them allergy friendly.

Immuno Support Capsules:  Give this amount orally:


Pet's Weight

≤ 11kg 






> 45kg 



1 cap, 

once daily

1 cap, 

twice daily

2 caps, 

twice daily

3 caps, 

twice daily


Liquid Immuno:  Shake well before use. Give required amount orally, with or after food:


Pet's Weight< 2.5kg (5lbs)≥ 2.5kg (5lbs)
Amount1 mL, twice daily2 mL, twice daily


Immuno Support Capsules:


 Pet's Weight60 capsules
≤ 11kg (25lbs)60 days
11.1-23kg (25-50lbs)30 days
23.1-45kg (50-100lbs)15 days
> 45kg (100lbs)10 days


Liquid Immuno:


 Pet's Weight60mL120mL
< 5lbs30 days60 days
≥ 5lbs15 days30 days