Pill Disguise


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"Healthy" no longer means unappetizing. Pill Disguise is made with a highly palatable blend of low calorie, choice ingredients that your pet will love. The soft paste can be used alone as a portion-controlled treat, or wrap a pill or capsule to make giving medications a breeze. 

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The natural bacon flavouring is derived from highly processed bacon fat which does NOT contain proteins. Pill Disguise was designed to be as allergy friendly as possible while still maintaining palatability. This tasty soft paste is free from wheat, corn syrup and only has 8 calories per serving. 


Unlike other pill hiders, a small amount of Pill Disguise can easily be pinched so YOU get to choose the amount that works for YOUR pet to help hide their medication or for their next training session.

Take a pinch (about 2g). Wrap the tablet or capsule until completely covered. Give to pet like a treat.

A container will wrap approximately 60 pills or capsules. If your pet requires one pill per day, it will last roughly two months.