Rx Cranberry


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Rx Cranberry is a premium high-potency cranberry concentrate to support urinary tract and bladder health.

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Proanthocyanidins found in Rx Cranberry work to prevent infection-causing bacteria from adhering to all mucosal surfaces such as the urinary tract, stomach, mouth and intestine.


Pro Tip: The active ingredient in Rx Cranberry is sensitive to humidity. Please keep silica packs in the jar while in use and close the lid tightly in between uses.

Give required amount orally:


Pet's Weight

≤ 10.0kg




> 25kg


Amount1 capsule, once daily1 capsule, twice daily2 capsules, twice daily
 Pet's Weight90 Caps
≤ 22lbs90 days
22 - 55lbs45 days
> 55lbs23 days