Ultra EFA


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A highly potent premium blend of EPA and DHA omega 3 fatty acids to promote skin and coat health in dogs and cats.
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Ultra EFA can have some anti-inflammatory properties when used at a higher doses. Consult your veterinarian to see which dose is appropriate for your pet.

Shake well before use. Give the required amount orally, twice daily:


Pet's WeightAmount
≤ 5kg (11lbs)1 mL
5-10kg (11-22lbs)2 mL
10-15kg (22-33lbs)3 mL
15-20kg (33-44lbs)4 mL
20-30kg (44-66lbs)6 mL
30-40kg (66-88lbs)8 mL
40-50kg (88-110lbs)10 mL
> 50kg (110lbs)12 mL
Pet's Weight236 mL472 mL
≤ 11lbs118 days236 days
11-22lbs59 days118 days
22-33lbs39 days78 days
33-44lbs29 days59 days
44-66lbs19 days39 days
66-88lbs14 days29 days
88-110lbs11 days23 days
> 110lbs9 days19 days